16 Aug to 18 Aug

The Saranda National Eco-Friendly Souvenirs Fair is a three-day event that aims to promote ethical and sustainable gifts, conscious design, upcycled materials, the revitalization of traditional artisan crafts, and sustainable tourism practices.

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Producers on the Boat

Producers on the Boat
It brings together the best European producers with the elite of regional producers who have a real impact on the revitalization of the Balkan film scene. They will be together on a boat trip along Saranda's coastline to enjoy the Albanian experience.
Movies on the Coast
Fun activities for citizens and visitors on the beautiful beach of Saranda and Ksamil, with open air cinema, music, and children’s activities.
This activity is organized with the support of Albanian Development Fund through the PIUTD project and in partnership with Municipality of. The aim is to promote Saranda as a tourism destination through cultural activities.

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open cinema.jpg
Open Cinema

"Open cinema" marks the beginning of a cooperation with a specialized cinematography company to give life to the open cinema in Saranda. The three days event will be a perfect combination of the latest premieres of Albanian, in the world and more.

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National chess festival

Saranda continues the beautiful tradition of chess as an activity that brings together generations and nationalities. For the past 30 years, Saranda has been the annual host of this international event.

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