Unique Sites
Picturesque unique sites of Saranda
  • Beach of Mirrors- This bay, where blue skies merge with the sparkling blue sea, is a
    wonderful spot for those who just want to find a place to get away.
  • Lekurësi Castle- One of the highlights of Saranda, this treasure of local cultural heritage is located on top of a hill among the ruins of the village, which was abandoned during the 19th century, of the same name.
  • Monastery Beach- Located below the St. George Monastery, this beach and terrific bay is never crowded. Isolated on both sides by hills falling into the sea, the secret spot, with its emerald-colored sea, is one of the most intimate places in Albania.
  • Forty Saints Monastery - Saranda has also a long history. Mesmerizing panoramas of this ancient city and its surroundings can be seen from the hills near the city. One of those magical viewpoints is the monastery from which it is thought the city’s name was derived.
  • Ksamil Beach - Considered the “the Ionian pearl,” the Ksamil coast offers a variety of alternatives, such as small beaches, bays and intimate capes, and four small, green islands. This bay, surrounded by turquoise waters can be reached with a swim or by boat.
  • Butrint- The first Albanian location included on the UNESCO heritage list in 1992, Butrint was described as a “microcosm of Mediterranean history.” This city, which was founded around the beginning of the 7th century BC, has attracted the attention of historians and travelers for millennia.
  • Blue Eye- Among the area’s many treasures, the Blue Eye is a natural phenomenon of the first order. Under sunlight, the cold water that springs from a depth of about 50 meters takes on a blue color and the shape of the eye. It is clearly distinguished from the rest of the spring, which is a green in color.
  • Seagull Beach- In a small, protected bay about 10 kilometers from Saranda, Seagull Beach’s turquoise waters crash atop white pebbles and is a perfect place to enjoy Albania’s sun and fun.
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