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Saranda sits at an enviable intersection where the crystal-clear Ionian waters and the hills covered in olive trees cross traces of antiquity and merge with modern architecture. This stunning city is rich with history, extraordinary culture, and centuries-old tradition. Located in the southernmost point of Albania and more than two millennia old, Saranda was ruled by the Roman Empire until the 4th century AD. Today, this magical place and its surroundings are filled with natural and archeological sites — evidence of this period can be found in the walls surrounding old town, part of which can be seen from the promenade. Saranda is a city with much to offer all year round, whatever the weather, so be prepared to LIVE and LOVE it.

  • The Ancient Synagogue- This cultural monument is a Synagogue complex located in the center of Saranda. Don’t miss the chance to visit and admire its mosaics.
  • Monastery of St.Nicholas- This 11th century site is unique due to its antiquity, architecture, level of artistry values, ​​and large size.
  • The Castle of Onchesmos The city walls are thought to date to the reign of Emperor Anastasius (AD 491-518). They encompassed an area of 5 hectares and were punctuated by towers and polygonal bastions. The British traveller Edward Lear drew the western walls in 1857 showing them to be virtually intact. Today, only few short stretches survive, the most impressive section (including towers) lying adjacent to the central square, opposite the municipality.
  • Odeon- A small Odeon (a small theatre for meetings or musical events) is located today on the ground floor of  Republika Hotel close to the pedestrian road by the sea. The small remaining fragment indicates a seating area looking into the direction of Corfu and the Ionian sea
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