How to reach
How to reach Saranda

The district of Saranda is located at the southernmost point of Albania and shares its entire southern boundary with Greece.

Getting to Saranda by air

Saranda is accessible by sea, from the highway, and by air with Tirana international airport, 284 kilometers away.
Tourists often choose the Corfu Airport in Greece, 36 km away, as the quickest way to reach this city by air. That route crosses a national border and includes a ferry crossing.

Getting to Saranda by road

If you come from the north, northeast, the port of Durres, and all of central Albania, there are two possible routes:
Ballsh- Tepelena- Gjirokastra- Qafa e Muzinës-Saranda
Vlora- Llogara National Natural Park, and further along the Ionian coast (Dhermi, Vuno, Himare, Borsh, Lukovë).
If you come from Greece by road you can enter through three border-crossing points: Kakavija; Tri Urat (near Përmet); Qafë Botë (near Konispol)
If you come from Eastern Albania, North Macedonia, or northern Greece (Kapshtica border crossing point) you can pass from: Elbasan or Korça: Ersekë- Leskovik- Përmet- Kelcyrës, Uji i Ftohtë (Tepelenë) - Gjirokastër - Qafa e Muzinës-Sarandë.

Getting to Saranda by sea

From Albania, travelers will go through the ports of Durrës and Vlora. From Greece, visitors will go through the ports of Corfu and Igoumenitsa.

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