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Arguably one of Saranda’s most significant tourism highlights, Butrint was the first Albanian archaeological site included on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992. Commonly described as a “microcosm of Mediterranean history,” this city, which boasts archaeological material since prehistoric times, was conqesuently a place of choice for people over the centuries, and has attracted the attention of historians and travelers for millennia.

Located about 18 kilometers south of Saranda, Butrint is one of Albania’s best historical and archaeological attractions. This marvelous collection of ancient monuments includes an early-Christian basilica, a well preserved 3rd century BC theatre, a Roman temple, and an ancient roman forum. Butrint’s museum is housed in a medieval Venetian tower. Situated in a wetland setting, visitors will also enjoy an amazing view over the lake of Butrint, the Ionian Sea, and the Castle of Ali Pasha.

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