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IonAlb Travel & Tours probably has the most iconic boat that you can’t miss when you’re in Saranda: The Onhezmus 1. Named after the ancient name of Saranda, the Onhezmus 1 is a large wooden vessel with a classic style. The Onhezmus 1 departs daily at 10am and returns at 5pm, while serving lunch and drinks during the trip. Depending on the weather conditions the boat trip goes from Saranda to Plakoto Bay or Bati Bay and back, but makes several stops on the way to enjoy the views, beaches and have the opportunity to swim or snorkel. After its return in Saranda, the boat turns into a floating bar and also makes a short 1-hour evening sail to watch the sunset while enjoying a drink from the boat-bar.

Tour Information
What includes

Sarandë- Pllakotoit Bay
• 10:00- Departure from Moli near the Information Office "Globi"
• 10:30- Short stop to enjoy the rocky view of Cape Qefal
• 10:45- Cruise along Kakome Bay and stop at Krorëza beach for swimming
•  13:00- Lunch for all those who have booked the full package
•  14:00- Cruise to Gjiri Pllatokoit and stop for swimming
•  16:00- Cruise to Saranda
•   17:00- Arriving at the pier

Sarandë- Bati Bay
•   10: 00- Departure from the pier near the Information Office "Globi"
•   10: 30- Stop for swimming at Pulebardha Beach
•   12: 00- Cruise along the Ksamil Islands and stop at Gjiri Batit for swimming
•  13:00- Lunch for all those who have booked the full package
•  16: 00- Cruise to Saranda




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